Welcome to the wikia page for Greys Big Brother. An online Big Brother series hosted on, Greys Big Brother looks to bring a classic, never been done before Big Brother experience into the pre-existing community of Big Brother fans. Inspired by each of the different formats across the world, Greys Big Brother will have a new format each season that has never been seen before. In addition to a format changing twist, each game will have a specific theme that will influence the direction of the game. Competitions and twists will be inspired further in a united, organized style.

In summary, I hope to bring a fun game to the Big Brother community and give some superfans like myself a really great experience and game to compete in.

Game HistoryEdit

Greys Big Brother 1 Official Logo

The first season of Greys Big Brother is set to launch May, 2018 will plans to return in the fall.

Greys Big Brother Memory Wall PreCast-1

Latest activityEdit

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